Miguel is so drunk he can’t even stand up. I want to see Berlin, tell him I want to see him! 😥😥

Miguel is so wasted he can’t even stand up! The dude’s probably downing tequila like there’s no tomorrow. He’s wallowing in a pool of his own problems. Man, his mind is in a whole different universe right now. But guess what? He’s still downing drinks like it’s happy hour. It’s a top-notch performance, for sure! 🍺🍹

🍻 Miguel’s Drunken Adventure – A Friend’s Concerns

Miguel’s Call for Help 😰😰

Miguel is inebriated and unable to stand up, repeatedly mentioning a desire to see Berlin. This is a cause for concern as he is in an unclear and possibly unsafe state.

Confusion and Worry

Miguel’s attempts to reach others ‘para’ in different places, but his inebriation has led to a disjointed conversation and an inability to express clear intentions. His friends are worried about his safety and well-being.

Alarming Behaviour and Intoxication

Miguel’s friends debate whether to find him and express concern over his continued drinking. While they are vested in his best interest, they are fearful about the possible consequences caused by his inebriation.

A Desperate Intervention

Frustrated with Miguel’s actions and aware of his growing intoxication, his friends come to the realization that leaving him alone could lead to potential harm. They try to reason with him and come to a consensus about their plan of action.

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