How Meg Bellamy transformed into Kate Middleton in five simple steps for The Crown.

Playing Kate Middleton in The Crown took more than just a script. It was like rewinding time to become the Sun-kissed beauty from Berkshire. With posture and accent changes, iconic outfits, and swimming coaching, she took it all on. And yes, she beat William, much to the amazement of her friend. Well done, Meg! 🎬

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Hi I’m Meg Bellamy and this is how I became Kate Middleton in The Crown. I play Kate Middleton and we first meet her when she’s just finished her A-levels and she’s about to go to university. The story follows her going to University, meeting Prince William, and seeing how their relationship develops over time. When I found out I got the role, I was in costume actually at Legoland Windsor. I could feel my phone ringing and knew that it was casting director. I got a voicemail from her and it said no rush, but just give me a call. When she told me that I was playing Kate Wion, I was very glam and then I had to go back into Legoland. My most useful outfit I wore in terms of becoming Kate Middleton was probably a lot of the more basic outfits. It felt very of the time and changes how you stand and your posture wearing low rise especially after lunch, very different from what I usually wear.

|A-Level Clothing | Windsor Castle |
|Lowrise Jeans | Elegance |
|Country Elements | Confidence |
|Vest | Elevated |

One aspect that was really exciting to wear was the fashion show outfit. It was a kind of celebration of our confidence. On the day it was very exciting and the director made everyone so comfortable and the energy was so high. Kate Middleton’s voice is quite different to mine so I became a real nerd about the voice. I found it so fascinating and practice that so it becomes second nature. There wasn’t a huge amount that surprised me about Kate because what you see is what you get.

I think I just love this picture of her. I think she looks very sun-kissed and lovely. I also just love this photo because it’s fun. Elizabeth Vicki who plays Princess Diana she’s been a real mentor and a kind of safe space for me.

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**Focus on Kate’s Style**

– Lowrise jeans for posture
– Country elements for confidence

**Voice it Up**

1. Intonation
2. Different Vowels

**Sourcing Inspiration**

– Picture Perfect
– Mentors and Friends

The journey of portraying Kate has been an enlightening experience. Observing Kate Middleton’s projected image versus behind-the-scenes moments has been of significant influence. There is a certain approachability in her character that I can learn from.

Overall, the dedication and thorough study have given me a new perspective on Kate and her character. Hopefully, I can do justice to her role in The Crown.

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