Explaining The Queen’s Death In THE CROWN Season 6 Part 2: Comparing Real Events & Symbolism In The Ending

The Crown Season 6 Part 2 used powerful symbolism to address the Queen’s death, hinting at her passing in a metaphorical and deep way. From the heart balloons representing her and Prince Philip’s love to the poignant final moments in the chapel, the show beautifully portrayed the Queen’s eventual departure. It was a fitting tribute to her legacy. 👑🎈🕊️

## 🎬 Symbolism Behind The Ending

The final installment of *The Crown* has recently been released, and it was always going to be difficult to live up to the best episodes that the show has produced. With six more episodes making up part two of season 6, the show concluded in the Year 2005. Despite the fact that the Queen didn’t die until 2022, the show found a way to incorporate the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s deaths into the narrative, albeit metaphorically. In this article, we will uncover the symbolism and deeper meaning behind the final moments of the show and discuss how *The Crown* addressed the Queen’s death.

During the final episode of the show, there was a large focus on operation London Bridge, which was the code name to alert the Prime Minister that the Queen had died. This set the tone for an episode heavily focused on death. The Queen was contemplating her place on the throne and reflecting on mortality. This contemplation was further emphasized by a photo taken during a family gathering, where a quote from a Shakespearean play was mentioned, symbolizing the end being the most important aspect.

| Symbolism of the Ending |
| — |
| Operation London Bridge – The Queen’s death alert |
| Family gathering photo – Shakespearean quote |

After this, the show depicted an intimate conversation between Prince Philip and the Queen, addressing the concept of decay and monarchs’ mortality. This was a symbolic nod to Prince Philip’s death and the inevitability of the Queen’s eventual passing. The mention of his unconventional funeral wish, to be driven out in an Old Land Rover, further acknowledged his legacy.

> “All human things are subject to decay, and when fate summons, even monarchs must obey.” – Prince Philip

### 🌹 Symbolic Gestures

The Queen’s symbolic journey continued as she entered the chapel alone, where she encountered different manifestations of herself, representing the different stages of her life. The presence of Olivia Coleman’s and CLA Foy’s portrayals dressed in funeral attire symbolized the queen’s reckoning with her own mortality.

**Funeral Symbolism**:
– Queen’s symbolic journey
– Different generational manifestations at the chapel

As the episode reached its conclusion, a bright light shining through the chapel’s entrance marked the Queen’s long walk, symbolically representing her departure into the afterlife. This solemn yet poetic ending encapsulated the show’s metaphorical take on the Queen’s death and her eventual legacy.

| The Queen’s Departure |
| — |
| Bright light symbolizing afterlife |
| Queen’s long walk into the light |

In conclusion, *The Crown* Season 6 Part 2 masterfully embedded rich symbolism and metaphorical references, depicting the Queen’s contemplation of her own mortality and eventual departure. The show delicately navigated the thematic elements of death and legacy, leaving viewers with a poignant portrayal of the Queen’s final moments.

Key Takeaways:

1. Symbolism and metaphorical representation of the Queen’s death
2. The intertwined legacy of the Queen and Prince Philip
3. Artistic portrayal of mortality and significance of life’s journey

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