Michelle Keegan and her co-star Joanna Lumley talk about their shared on-set experience.

Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley’s on-set experience was like a journey through the shadow of death, but they fearlessly took the reins to film in a terrifying helicopter with a see-through floor. It was like handing the rains to someone without the reins! Their experience turned a New York story into a Manchester series, with secrets and sightings keeping hearts racing. How’s that for a wild ride? 😱🚁

**Key Takeaways:**

| On-set experience shared by Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley |
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🎭 **Set Changes and Details** πŸŽ₯

In a recent reveal, Michelle Keegan and Joanna Lumley shared their on-set experience. It is noteworthy that there were significant changes in the setting of the series from New York to Manchester.

**Quote of Interest:**
“If your husband stumbled upon something big, the family have this private bank account. There’s something more going on.”

🚁 **Filming Challenges** 🎬

On a lighter note, Michelle Keegan shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes event. She described the moment when she had to film from a helicopter, highlighting the intense experience of filming while having control of the aircraft, adding a thrilling adventure to her repertoire.

Faithfully, the on-site filming experience was filled with drama both on and off-screen yet provided an exciting adventure for the actresses.

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